What to do if you need Bombay Blood Group?

We can definitely start a search for Bombay blood group by following these steps.

  • Get all the family members and relatives of the patients tested for the blood group. It’s very likely that one or the other relative has this group.
  • Put up a request for the requirement in the leading newspapers. Please don’t circulate message and mails as it will only contribute to spam folder.
  • Be open to get blood from other cities.
  • The most effective way is visiting all blood banks of the city as well as neighbouring big cities. Usually blood banks have a huge list of donors who had donated in the blood bank till date.
  • Out of this huge list 1 or 2 may be Bombay blood group.
  • Any if nothing works contact us on +91-9480044444 or log on www.bombaybloodgroup.org and post a request. We will do our best. You can also mail us at sankalp.admin@gmail.com